Our history

It all started in a small village in Portugal, Nazaré: sun, beach and sea. Maria, the founder of BAHÏA, grew up in what is now known as the "land of giant waves". Accustomed to long hot summer days, sunbathing and freezing cold dips in the blue sea, she knew that she would have to make these days a lifestyle and she looked for how to do it.

A joke changed his life and the course of his career. In May 2016, even before finishing her degree in Fashion Design, it wasn't foreseen in her plans to design, manufacture and sell online a swimwear collection that would be so well received and sold out in record time, but it did.

From the beginning, it sought to make a difference and created a concept that did not exist in the market. All models and patterns are exclusive and customizable and each order is tailored to each customer. The keyword of the brand is EXCLUSIVITY, as in each model the patterns can be changed, the sizes adjusted to the client's body and some details changed, which makes each piece always unique.

Thus, without foreseeing it, Maria created her own brand, a 100% Portuguese brand with its own production. In each collection, inspiration from Nature and unquestionable quality are essential.

With us they will feel special, with us they will feel unique.